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"I truly feel better"

“As someone that had never been to a chiropractor, I was doubtful about going. After 4-5 sessions with Dr. Noel, I truly feel better, stronger and more comfortable than I have in 10 or 15 years!”

- John

"I have my life back"

“Because of Dr. Noel’s skills and knowledge, I have my life back and can enjoy my children again.”

- Cristin

"My pain is gone"

“I arrived here with a lot of pain in my left arm and shoulder. After a month of treatment, my pain is gone and I’m functioning at my normal level”

- Herbert

"Treatments brought results soon and steadily"

“When I first came to Dr. Noel’s office I had burning back pain and tension between my shoulder blades. Treatments brought results soon and steadily...Dr. Noel has build my confidence about chiropractic care and I will continue with this holistic medical approach”.

- Jerrod

"My family is healthier"

“Dr. Noel has been able to halt an asthma attack, immediately relieve an earache and stop my son’s three year battle with nighttime coughing attacks, and with no medications! My family is healthier than we have ever been now that we are under his care”.

- Tara

"I am very thankful"

“I began seeing Dr. Noel after my back became so painful I could barely function. As the therapy program progressed, my neck and back became more pain-free and looser...I am very thankful that after many years of suffering that chiropractic has improved my condition considerably.”

- Gene

"I was able to stop using medications"

"When I first started going to Dr. Noel, I was light-headed, dizzy, and had a headache everyday. My doctor prescribed two very serious medications that caused awful side effects. I was told at 26 that I would have to take these medications for the rest of my life. After only a few weeks of going to Dr. Noel, all of my symptoms were gone and was able to stop using both of my medications. I cannot explain how wonderful this change has been. Thank you Dr. Noel!”

- Stephanie

"I feel great!"

“I have lived with reoccurring pain and stiffness in my right shoulder for years thinking that it was just sore tightened muscles from using the computer mouse and body-building injuries. For the first time in a very long time, I have no stiffness or pain at all in my back or shoulder area. I feel great!”

- Debbie

"it is worth every minute."

“After being involved in a car accident, the stiffness in my neck began to get worse to the point I couldn’t turn my neck very far from side to side. With treatment, my neck was flexible again and my headaches stopped completely. I drive 40 minutes from Glendale to have my neck and back adjusted by Dr. Noel and it is worth every minute.”

- Gina

"Feeling more my age"

“The nagging pain in my left shoulder was gone after my first visit! And it hasn’t return since. The treatments have made me more flexible and feeling more my age.  Thanks doc!”

- Jeff